May 29, 2009

I think that with Jody and Flag, something bad is going to happen. He’s gonna go wild or get eaten or something.

Rawlings was trying to get across a specific message with this story. She was trying to help people understand everything that a child goes through growing up. All of the triumphs and struggles that one person goes through to become what they are now.

Even with Ma and Pa Baxter you see the change in their lives. Ma having lost all of her kids and becoming hard and kind of cold toward Jody.

After all this it’s showing you how Jody is maturing and how people in general are maturing at an age like Jody’s.



May 28, 2009

Again I haven’t finished this book either. I’m 3 chapters away from the finish though.

This book is a great book so far. It shows a great learning experience and growth that readers from all ages would be able to appreciate.

You just have to be able to go with the lingo of the book and kind of adapt to the way it’s written.

Jody is still growing as a character, and so close to the end of the book it makes me wonder what is going to happen in the end to finalize it all.

His father hasn’t really changed at all throughout the book except grow closer to Jody. But as father and son, i kind of expected that.

As for his mother, she hasn’t really changed either. She’s still just as distant and cold to Jody as she was in the beginning. If not, she’s relying on him more.

The Forrester’s I believe will get their dues.

Ch. 26-30

May 28, 2009

They go to Grandma’s house and of course Ma Baxter and her don’t get along.

I wonder why, and I think it’s because they have a different view of how to take care of a man.

Christmas is coming up and they are supposed to be going to Volusia to the church to celebrate, but of course you know Slewfoot couldn’t let that happen.

Since the wolves got their last calf, they bred Trixie again and she had another heifer calf. Slewfoot ate her.

Penny is hell bent on finding him and killing him now.

Penny and Jody  take off 2 days before Christmas and turn around to try and catch him. They fail.

Ma Baxter goes on ahead to Volusia to the church without them.

They kill Slewfoot in the woods across the river.

They go to get help with toting his hide and meat when they meet the Forrester’s on the road.

They’re all drunk and looking for a party. They agree to help the Baxter’s with the carrying of the meat if they get half of the meat.

They get the meat to the house and go to Volusia.

The Forrester’s play a really mean trick on the people in the church with Slewfoots hide. The whole church clears out in a matter of minutes… lol.

They all come back in and they start having a good time when out of nowhere a traveler comes into the church and begins talking to the Forrester’s. Then all of the Forrester’s leave to go somewhere…


The Baxter’s get to talking to the man and he says that Oliver Hutto and his gal were back in town from the seas.

The Baxter’s and Grandma Hutto go back to her house to find it on fire. All ablaze with hoof prints all over the place… Where is Oliver?

Jody is sent in the wagon to see if the Shop Keeper saw where Oliver went and on the way there Jody sees him. Jody tells him what the Forrester’s did, but when he gets there and talks to Grandma Hutto, she says that she left a lamp on! What the hell? Then to add insult to injury, she calls Jody a liar.

That to me seems wrong to do. I know she was protecting him from harm, but damn.

Later on that night Grandma decides to go to Boston and never go back to Volusia.

What a load of crap.

Ch. 21-25

May 26, 2009

So, a plague (The Black Tongue Plague) has hit in the woods. Predators and prey alike are being affected.

Toxic flood water maybe?

Now Flag is starting to get mischivious. He got into the sweet potatoes, and destroyed over half of them. Ma and Pa were pretty angry. I would be too though.

They gripe at Jody to keep his fawn under control.

Something tells me that this isn’t going to end well.

Jody seems kinda violent toward people that do him wrong of any kind. Dreaming about killing Twink with poison and all.

The Forrester’s are setting out poison traps for the wolves that killed some of their livestock as well as Penny’s.

Jody now has two things to worry about with Flag. Wolves and the plague.

The Forrester’s and the Baxter’s go hunting for the wolves and hopefully some bear and deer.

They get a lot of both. They go home happy, and Jody tells Flag all about it.

Lem Forrester is starting his crap again. Accusing and suspecting always. He’s so mean spirted.

Jody’s mather is getting aggravated with Flag and is starting to hate him as much as she hates Grandma Forrester. that’s a hell of a lot.

They go to visit her and Oliver in Volusia.

The Yearling – Re-issue Trailer 1946

May 21, 2009

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Chapter 16-20

May 20, 2009

Jody is showing major attachment to the fawn and his neighbor Buck who stayed to help them with the work on the farm while Jody’s father was recovering from the snake bite.

Jody sees everything he does with Buck on and off the farm as a different kind of adventure, and he is beginning to mature.

After weeks spent working with Buck and playing with the deer fawn, he is still desperate for a name for the deer fawn.

Buck’s younger brother Fodder-wing is supposed to help Jody with a name but when he finally gets there, Buck comes out of the house looking pale and stupified.

Fodder-wing’s illness get the best of him, and he died.

Holy crap, could things get any worse than that?

Jody can’t believe it at first, but is invited into the house to say his final good-byes.

Jody is told by Fodder-Wing’s mother that when he was sick and in bed, that he made up a name for Jody’s fawn.

Flag the fawn it is.

Over the next few chapters there is a huge storm and Penny only expects it to last 3 days total…

It lasts a week, killing everything the Baxter’s had growing.

This huge flood is weird, and I’m glad they weren’t on the coast of Florida, otherwise this book would have ended way too early. lol

On a hunting trip with the Forrester’s and the Baxter’s Jody kills his first bear.  After the storm and all of the distruction, he does something to help his family. He’s slowly but surely growing up.

God am I glad I don’t live in Florida

Ch. 11-15

May 10, 2009

The fawns are being born, and after the whole pet thing, Jody’s becoming fond of the thought of having a deer as a pet.

I think that Jody needs the companionship. His mother refuses to let him have a pet because it’s an extra mouth to feed. His father on the other hand, only wishes that Jody could have whatever kind of pet he wanted.

Him and his father go on a hunt to bond as men. That’s cool.

They are now on their way to randma Hutto’s. I’m not sure if she is  blood related or not. But she’s been a friend of the family for a long time.

Jody throws a potato at a girl he doesn’t like, and hits her. lol His father is pretty pissed and so is the girls father. I guess this goes mre to show you how young and immature Jody is.

Jody makes a comment to himself of how whenever he’s at Grandma’s he feels more at home then he does with his own mother. Why is that? Is it because his mother is so cold and aloof sometimes with remembering all of her other lost children??

Grandma Hutto isn’t really related to them, but Jody wishes they were really related by blood.

Grandma’s son Oliver comes home from the seas.  Jody is really excited to see him.

Oliver got into a fight with Lem Forrester over a girl they both had. Lem had his brothers jump in to help him, and then Penny got involved. A big row went down and when Jody was standing up for his Pa, he got knocked out.

AHH! This isaggravatig. I don’t like seeing the hero of the book get his ass handed to him.

Penny and Jody are searching for the hogs that the Forrester’s trapped, when Penny gets bit on the arm by a rattle snake! Are they the most unlucky people, or what? It’s ridiculous.

Jody thinks of nothing but his father, and even asks the Forrester’s for help. Everyone but Lem is willing to help. I don’t really like or respect most of the Forrester’s as people.

Jody goes out and finds the fawn that belonged to the doe that Penny had to kill in order to survive the snake bite. His father told him he could keep it, and that his mother couldn’t say a damn thing about it.

Everything seems to be goig good now, but what’s going to happen next?

Ch. 6-10

April 23, 2009

So now, our main character, Jody is at the Forrester’s home.

His father, Penny, manages to honestly con these idiot neighbors to trade him a brand new gun for a really crappy hunting dog.

I love the way he accomplishes it. By telling the Forreter’s how bad of a hunting dog he is, but treating him special at the same time, he tricks them with his honesty.

It’s genius!!!

The difference between the Jody’s family, the Baxter’s, and the Forrester’s is crazy.

The Forrester’s are swarthy and uncouth. They drink a whole lot of moon shine and they fight with eachother like animals.

The Baxter’s seem so civilized in comparison. They don’t fight with eachother, they don’t drink at all, and they seem to have all of their priorties in order.

As a tribute to the Forrester’s insanity, when Jody stays the night there with one of the younger Forrester boys, they are woken up in the wee hours of the morning by the men of the house running around naked and the dogs fighting!

Throughout chapter 8, there isn’t really anything too important except that Jody comes back home.

But in chapter 9, Penny find an albino coon dead in a trap that he gives to Jody to mke a pack out of. If that doesn’t show you how times have changed, I don’t know what does. lol.

The imagery in this book is great. Everytime they talk about the sink-hole, or the hunt of Old Slewfoot, or even the Forrester’s crazy family and the experiences, it’s a picture as clear as crystal in my mind.

Jody’s lonliness is definately forshadowing for something to come.

He craves a pet, and his father has no problem with it…

But his mother does.

A secret pet, maybe???

Chapters 1-5

April 16, 2009

So, we take off with our main character Jody.

His father is gone into town and he’s slacking off on his work. He goes to the clearing that is his escape. 

There isn’t really anything but relationships being established.

I like the way they talk in this book. It’s a new way to me and kind of confusing, but totally interesting.

Seeing the total contrast between Jody’s family and their decency, and the Forrseter family with their crazy indignant and liquored up family members, it really puts things in a perspective that makes it easier to understand.

So far Jody has had his first hunting experience with Old Slewfoot, a big old bear that kills one of their sows. When they go out to hunt it, it sets a lot of events in motion.

So far so good. I like this book.

The best book I’ve read for this assignment by far.

Majorie Kinnan Rawlings

April 14, 2009

Rawlings was born on August 8th, 1896 in Washington DC and died on December 14th, 1953 in St. Augustine, Florida.

Her first novel was South Moon Under and was published in 1933. It ended up being a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

Golden Apples (1935), The Yearling (1938), Cross Creek (1942), Cross Creek Cookery (1942), and The Soujourner (1953) are a few more of her writings.

Rawlings also wrote quite a few short stories in her spare time.

She was awarded with her own postage stamp in 2008.Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings